Various Kinds of Carnations That Are Highly Recommended by Landscapers

There Are Various Classifications for Carnations

One of the most sought-after plants in regions six to ten is the carnation, which has gained immense popularity among garden enthusiasts. Carnation, which translates to “blossoms favored by the celestial beings,” displays a diverse range of hues and dimensions. Each variation conveys a distinct significance that it is employed to signify, and they are frequently utilized for varying events. Despite being categorized into three primary groups, carnations offer an extensive selection of numerous variations. According to a professional landscaper, these plants usually need minimal upkeep for their growth. Numerous types are prevalently found, which may include:

Dianthus Grataniapolitensis

During the summer season, the plant will produce delightful pink blossoms that emit a sweet scent. They thrive in direct sunlight, but cannot withstand a damp or chilly soil environment. The thick and compact growth of these plants makes them well-suited for covering the ground in any garden.

Dianthus Plumarius

This common type of pink carnation is often found in various gardens. They have a blooming period that spans from May to August, during which they have the potential to reach a height of up to two feet once they have fully grown. Many individuals can easily recognize the distinct carnation hue of petals that are outfitted with fringed borders.

Dianthus ‘Superstar’

The center of this carnation boasts a deep shade of cherry red that contrasts elegantly with the rest of its bloom. The exterior edges of the petals are adorned with fringes, and it has the potential to reach a height of six to eight inches. This particular plant thrives in abundant sunlight and would serve as a great edging component in the majority of garden designs.

Dianthus Superbus

This particular plant boasts fringed blossoms that lend it an exceptional appearance. The flowers tend to grow close to the ground and display colors such as white, red, or purple. The fragrance of the flower is delightful and it has the potential to be brewed into a very enjoyable beverage.

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